Pre-registration is now closed. Please look for the registration email on the ASA mailing list.

The ASA ECR Chapter is pleased to announce a series of SciCoder workshops — “SciCoder: The Australian Tour presented by ASTRO 3D” — across Australia, enabled by ASTRO 3D and ADACS. SciCoder is created and taught by Dr. Demitri Muna who has been offering these workshops since 2010. The workshops are designed to introduce the early-career researcher to modern programming practices, languages, and tools as specifically applicable to scientific research. These skills will enable the participant to write better code, code faster, and leverage more tools than scientists are typically introduced to or aware of. An emphasis is placed on the rich variety of open-source software available. The dates and locations for the “SciCoder: The Australian Tour presented by ASTRO 3D” workshops are:

  • Oct 15 – Oct 19: Brisbane (cancelled)
  • Oct 29 – Nov 2: Perth
  • Nov 19 – Nov 23: Melbourne
  • Dec 3 – Dec 7: Sydney

Topics Covered

  • PROGRAMMING TOOLS — Introduction to Python, learn how to make code reusable by creating your own Python modules, transitioning to Python 3.
  • CODE MANAGEMENT — Introduction to Git, using GitHub, learn how to contribute code to community projects like Astropy.
  • DATABASES — Introduction to databases, database schema design, SQL, using an object-relational mapper (ORM), populating & querying databases from Python.
  • MODERN CODE DESIGN — Transition from writing scripts object-oriented code, creating your own application program interfaces (APIs).
  • MULTIPROCESSING — Introduction to multiprocessing concepts in Python with code templates you can build on.
  • UNIT TESTING — Learn how to create automated tests to check that your code is doing what you expect it to.
  • And more — Regular expressions, introduction to R, NumPy, Jupyter notebooks, IPython, and more!