The mentoring program is designed to provide our ECR members with the opportunity to discuss career‐related topics with a senior figure who is not their current line manager. While the specific objectives of this program will vary from person to person, the overall aim is to help the mentee achieve their long-term career goals.

The ECRs are paired with a more senior person who is willing to act as a mentor. Two to three times each year (or more often if desired by both parties) each mentee‐mentor pair will meet. The format of the meeting can be determined by the pair, e.g. over Skype, at a conference etc. The meeting will be strictly confidential. So will the mentor‐mentee pairs. It is up to the mentee to make sure the meeting happens.

Introductory session
To commence our ECR mentoring scheme, we will be holding an online kick-off session using Google Hangouts. The purpose of such a session will be to discuss what people should be looking for in such a scheme, and how to start it in such a way to make the most from it. Participation is strongly encouraged! Details will follow soon.

Signing up:
If you are interested in signing up for our program, as a mentee, please complete the form
If you are keen to give the benefit of your career experience as a mentor, please complete this second form:

Useful resources for both mentor or mentee are the session slides and summaries from the ECR Mentoring Workshops: